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Barbell Guide

The Olympic barbell is an essential piece of equipment in the strength, conditioning and weightlifting workouts and in crosstraining. The best barbell for you depends on your goal, the workout and performance level. To help you choose the best bar for your workouts, we’ve collected some specifications from each barbell we have available.




What is PSI?

The PSI is the unit of measure used to measure the tensile strength of each bar. Refers to the pounds per inch that the bar tolerates before being deformed. For a beginner, this measure will not be important, but for athletes of weightlifting, powerlifting or crosstraining may be important. The measure considered break proof is 150,000 PSI.

What is Knurl?

The Knurl is the tie existing in the grip of the bar. Each person has a different preference for the type of tie on the bar - they may prefer a larger tie to increase the grip of the hand to the bar, or they may prefer a softer tie to avoid damage to the hands.

What is Bearing?

The bearings affect how the bar grip rotates inside the sleeve. This movement is important in Olympic lifting movements because it softens the impact of the bar on the hands and wrists.

Our Competition Olympic Barbell has high precision bearings, ideal for beginner athletes, and the Premium Olympic Bar has more quality and is more suitable for professional athletes.

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