May 2018

Passatempo Salgueiro BOXPT Outdoor

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April 2018

10 daily mobility exercises

Mobility exercises are very important before training for several reasons. They help prevent injuries, promote muscle and joing activation and prepare our body for fast and constant stimuli, which helps significantly in high intensity training and the constantly varied exercises it involves.

On average, daily mobility work should be done for about 15/30 mintues.

1st Down Dog (Static: 40”/ Dynamic: 10 reps)


Press your hands against the floor, moving your chest gently toward your thighs and heels gently toward the floor. Relax your head and neck.

This exercise is good for stretching the lower back, hamstrings, calves and feet.


2nd Quadruped Shoulder Circles (15 reps)








Press into the ground and keep your elbows straight as you shrug your shoulders up toward your ears, back toward your hips, down away from your ears, and then forward toward your head.

This exercise is good for upper body activation, focused specifically on the romboids.


3rd Good Mornings with or without elastic band (20 reps)

4 5

With your feet shoulder-width apart, put a rubber band behind your shoulders (not your neck). With your core contracted and shoulders back, lean forward, allowing for a slight knee bend but keeping your back straight. Lean forward until you feel a slight stretch of your hamstrings and, while exhaling, reverse the movement to return to the starting position.

This exercise is good for activating the posterior chain, lower back and hamstrings. Using the elastic band creates a concentric and eccentric force that can be increased with higher resistance bands.


4th Lunges with rotation (20 reps)

6 7

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms stretched out. Advance one foot by bending both knees toward the ground and rotate your arms and torso over your front leg. Make sure you keep your front heel on the floor.

This exercise is good for quadricep and glute activation.


5th Scorpion (20 reps)

8 9

Laying on your stomach with your arms open and stretched out, move your leg to the opposite side without taking your arm off of the ground.

This exercise is good for hip mobility and to activate your obliques.


6th Hip bridge with shoulder stretch (15 reps)

10 11

Laying on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground, lift your hips and stretch your arms up past your ears.

This exercise is good for activating your hamstrings and also stretching your shoulders and back muscles.


7th Hip and Shoulders stretch (20 reps)       

12 13

Pull one of your legs forward without putting your back knee on the ground, rest your opposite hand next to your foot by rotating your torso/chest to the side of your leg and look towards the ceiling.

In this movement there is abdominal activation and the lower body is stretched.


8th Wrists (10 soft movements)

14 15

On your knees, stretch your arms out with your hands turned inward and flat on the ground. Lean forward and back without lifting your hands, turn your hands around and repeat the movement.

In this exercise the wrists are stretched in a way that contributes to a long term increase of mobility in this area.


9th Ankle rotation (10 reps per side)          


Rotate your ankles in both directions, without moving your foot.

This exercise is great for releasing tension in the joint and also stretching the area.


10th Glutes – with elastic band (45”)

17 18 19

Attach your stong/medium intensity elastic band to the rack and place it on your groin area. Bend your leg by turning it inward and lay on top of it by stretching your back leg.

This exercise is good for increasing hip mobility and increasing flexibility. Using the band makes the movement more focused on intensity level. You can initially do the exercise without the band and with time, add one.

What you need: 2 elastic bands (different intensities)

Happy training!

Tânia Ribeiro

BOXPT Equipment Athlete, Coach & Owner at CrossFit 762 Fafe

Instagram: @tania_ribeirocfit

February 2018

(Português) REGULAMENTO PASSATEMPO “Apostas do OPEN 18.5”

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December 2017

(Português) Técnico Administrativo

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Communication Designer

The Communication Designer will support the marketing & design team creating visual solutions on digital and printed communication. The Communication Designer will collaborate with the Marketeers, Product Design and Product Management teams in the execution and delivery of successful pieces.

The vacancy needs creativity and agility to promote releases, sales or other kind of pieces. Always aiming at the aesthetics and visual impact of the target audience.


  • Full autonomy to work on projects and bring strategic and creative thinking
  • Great sense of responsibility
  • Commitment to work and goals
  • Sport lover is a must


  • Create pieces for Campaigns on social media
  • Create and prepare final art for print pieces
  • Meet all project requirements with a high standard of detail-oriented design execution
  • Work under the guidance of the Design Lead to produce consistent and effective visual solutions across all channels.


  • 2 years of design experience in a company environment
  • Experienced at creating under pressure and short time.
  • Attention to detail
  • Experience with Adobe software and other design tools
  • Motion design & video experience preferred.
  • Be challenged and constantly striving to exceed expectations
  • Able to give feedback and perspective on process and workflow.
  • Motivated to bring value and a voice to an emerging team within the business.
  • Any languages spoken is a bonus

All interested should send an email to stating on subject: Application BOXPT 2018 + “vacancy” + name.

Until 31st December 2017.

(Português) Consultor Comercial França

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November 2017

(Português) 5 Dicas para te preparares para o Black Friday by Boxpt

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October 2017

10 Essentials Garage Box

The 10 Essential Equipment for your Garage Gym

Are you thinking about setting up a small Box in your own garage, but don’t know which equipment you should purchase? Then this issue is for you!

Here’s my list with the 10 essential materials in which you should invest your money, starting with the most important:

1. Olympic bar

Few materials will give you the versatility that the Olympic bar does. It underpins most of the movements used in Crosstraining, and with it you can do a great variety of exercises (such as snatch, clean, thrusters, all shoulder to overhead movements, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, bench press, and so on).

2. Bumper Plates

Now that you own your Olympic bar, you need bumpers to load it! You can start with a few bumpers (like 5 and 10 kg) e buy more bumpers at any time because they will always fit your Olympic bar. Don’t forget the spring collars!

3. Rubber floor

So, you already have the Olympic bar and some bumper plates, right? It’s now time to protect your floor! To be able to practice without worrying, this is the next investment you should make. This flooring is usually sold in individual tiles, so you can personalize it to fit the space you intend to protect.

4. Squat Stand

If you don’t have space (or the budget) to have your own rig, then a squat stand has to be the next item on your list. It works as a support for the Olympic bar for any squat exercise with bar (like back squat, front squat, overhead squat) or any shoulder to overhead exercise (shoulder press, push press, push jerk, split jerk). You can also use it in different bench press exercises if you would like to invest in an adjustable bench.

5. Pull up bar

After the squat stand, it’s time to think about a pull-up bar! You have different options, between the ones that are bolted to the floor or to the wall, or even a squat stand with a pull-up bar included. This equipment will not only allow you to do any hanging exercise (such as pull ups, chin ups, toes to bar, knees to elbow and others), but it will also be useful for other purposes (like hanging rings or mobility elastic bands).

6. Kettlebells and Dumbbells

A good kettlebell and dumbbell combination will allow you to perform a huge variety of functional movements, as well as allowing you to train specific muscles or group of muscles. This is a low-risk investment!

7. Medicinal balls

Who doesn’t like a few wall ball shots?! Besides, it is a good tool for many other exercises (cleans, thrusters, medicine ball run, etc.).

8. Abmat

Not only for sit-ups, but also very important for handstand push-ups and some mobility exercises (for instance, couch stretch).

9. Plyometric box

If you are sick and tired of piling up your bumpers for some box jumps, this one has to be the next one on your list! The plyo box allows to work with three different heights (50, 60 and 70cm, traditionally) and it can be used in different exercises.

10. Air bike

Already have all the items on this list and still have money left? This can be your most expensive purchase, but when winter and rain come (and you can’t run on the street) you will appreciate the investment made. This is an excellent equipment to improve your cardiovascular endurance and upgrade your home practices. You can also use it for a quick practice (when you have little time, but you are craving for some sweat) or for some relaxing pedaling in an active rest day.

Nice practices!

Ricardo Pereira

Coach & Athlete