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5 equipment essentials for your home workouts

4 September 2020 No comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily routines, including the way we work out.

The social distancing and other preventive measures against the coronavirus, and the thousands of social media posts shared by athletes from around the world have turned the at-home and outdoor workouts more mainstream. And truth must be said, with the right equipment, it’s possible to work out anywhere and get results.

Working out at home doesn’t mean you have to build a garage gym or reorganize an entire room. It also doesn’t mean you have to invest in expensive and space-consuming material. For complete and effective training sessions you only need motivation, about 5 meters and these 5 pieces of gym equipment, which are useful, versatile, easy to carry, easy to store, and affordable.

1. Lightweight dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great full-body training tool. You can use them to replicate nearly all barbell exercises with the advantage you don’t need a lot of space to perform them.

While there are dumbbells up to 40 or more kg, for your at-home workout routine the lighter and more versatile, up to 10 kg, for example, are the ones you should choose. With lightweight dumbbells, you can shape your muscles with targeted exercises, working out arms, chest, back, and shoulders, but you also can incorporate conditioning exercises into your training session, performing dumbbell snatches and devil presses.

2. Kettlebell

Do you want to combine muscle strengthening and cardio exercises in one quick workout session? Kettlebell makes it possible! And get ready to sweat.

With a kettlebell, you can do squats, lunges, hang cleans, bent-over rows or kettlebell swings. You will work out the whole body and improve strength, power, and endurance. Super effective! You only need to choose a weight suited to your physical condition and fitness goals. Ergonomic, with a comfortable grip, kettlebells are sold individually and are available from 6 to 40 kg.

3. Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is another versatile gym equipment, which is perfect for your home setup.

With a med ball, you can do an aerobic session or perform more targeted leg, arm, and core exercises without damaging the floor! Additionally, it will make the workout more fun and enjoyable once it is perfect for partner exercises, such as squats throws and sit-ups with ball tosses.

Coated with PVC or rubber, the medicine balls are available in different weights to provide training tailored to each athlete’s need.

4. Elastic bands

Lightweight and practical, the elastic bands are authentic one-equipment show. They can be used for Pilates and Yoga exercises, muscle resistance and strengthening exercises, mobility and stretching movements. The options are endless!

Are you new to fitness or are you returning after a long break? Get the mini bands. Sold individually and in packs, from the lightest to the strongest, their different levels of resistance will support your progress.

If you practice sports regularly and want to challenge your physical fitness by adding more resistance to the exercises without adding extra-impact, then the elastic bands are your choice! Change the intensity by changing the band color, the movement range or by combining several bands. Your muscles will feel the difference.

5. Jump rope

The jump rope is “The” piece of equipment for cardio training. Jumping rope develops speed, agility, coordination and power. It is one of the most effective exercises for burning calories as well as one of the most complete, targeting the lower body muscles and strengthen the forearms, shoulders, back, and core.

Choose one jump rope with comfortable handles, coated steel cable for extra durability and bearing system for speed.

With these 5 training pieces of equipment, you can bring your workout sessions to your living room or the public garden of your city. Draw up a weekly training plan, set a schedule to help you create a routine, make a playlist with your favorite songs and let’s do this!


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