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How to do Double Unders with João Ferreira

26 February 2019 No comments

Reading time: 6 min.

Double Unders are the most demanding exercise to perform with a rope and usually take weeks to master. We invited our athlete João Ferreira to share 5 essential steps for someone who is getting started on their Double Unders.

Step 1 - Fast and light rope
Double Unders should be executed with a rope that allows you to quickly pass the rope under your feet - a rope with double bearing and a lightweight cable will be ideal for this movement. Choose a rope that is also adjustable, so you can adapt it to yourself.

Step 2 - Coordinate the jump with the spinning of the wrist
One of the biggest difficulties for those who start this exercise is to be able to coordinate the jump with the spinning of the wrist. This coordination of movements is the secret to achieving the movement quickly and effectively. To practice this coordination, try doing small jumps while tapping your thighs.
Start with a jump and a tap while your feet are in the air. Once you can set a steady beat, try tapping your thighs twice every jump, also while your feet are in the air. Once you can coordinate this set of moves, you're ready for the next step.

Step 3 - Stay relaxed
One of the most common mistakes for Double Under beginners is the strain they apply to the exercise, usually bringing their knees too high and having their heels almost touch their behind.
Ideally, keep your torso upright with some tension, to keep a straight posture, but also relaxed to be able to execute the movement.

Step 4 - Coordinate the jump with the passage of the rope

After you can coordinate the jumping movements with your hand taps and become aware of your posture, you can start practicing with a rope.

At an early stage, you shouldn't try to chain multiple Double Unders together. Worry about chaining one or two while alternating with single unders.
You can work in phases and, as you improve your technique, add Double Unders between your single jumps.

For example, try following this cycle:

  • 1st stage - do two single unders and one double under and then stop. Repeat until you feel ready for the second phase;
  • 2nd stage - do two singles followed by one double under, two singles and one double... and so on for as long as you can;
  • 3rd phase - when you are more comfortable, increase the number of double unders that you add. For example - two single unders and two double unders, two singles and two doubles...;
  • 4th stage - when you can chain three or four Double Unders in a row, you can start trying to chain more and more in a row;

Step 5 - Control your posture during Double Unders

Considering that this a new movement to you, it's normal if your posture changes between jumps. Worry about keeping your elbows close to your torso, your wrists loose and spinning the rope and a controlled breath. This will allow you to practice consistently and bring you improvements in the technique when you start doing larger sets of unbroken Double Unders.

The secret to this type of movement is consistency - practice it several times a week to get your body used to the movement and rhythm!

Have a good workout.


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