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How to get motivated for the new season

16 October 2019 No comments

7 de Out de 2019 13:16:46

Reading time: 3 min.

Motivation is the fuel that keeps you working: whether is on work, on sports, on what you eat, among others. You can train your mindset and attitude to feel motivated in all the things you are involved in or you want to improve.

There are some methods that you can have daily to train your motivation, such as:

  • Working our mind - you have to be aware that things don't change overnight - consistency brings results;
  • Create routines so you can make them part of your daily life to the point they become an habit. This is what will bring you great long-term results;
  • Be positive but realistic - it is normal to have days you don't want to work out, eat healthily or even stay focused - however, you have to work harder on these days to bring consistency to your journey and get results;
  • Consistency in everything you do - if you train one hour a day and on the other 23 hours you have bad habits, you won't get results - you also have to focus on what you eat, the hours you sleep and the activities you do;
  • Celebrate small victories - you should never be satisfied with small victories but you can use these victories to bring more motivation to your mindset.

I hope these little tips help you get to the next step. Enjoy this new season to make a change - don't wait for next Monday, start today! Stay strong!

Article by Francisco Catarino - Personal Trainer, Lisbon


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