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Top 3 - Gear for the Open

21 February 2019 No comments

Reading time: 6 min.

The Open is coming and it's important that you feel at your best. Over the next five weeks, lack of joint protection, hand injuries, or a broken rope can not be a deterrent to your performance during the WOD.

Therefore, you should choose the equipment that best suits your needs, ensuring that you do not suffer an injury or have delays because of defective material.

To help with this, we chose a few precautions you should take before, during and after the WOD that will help you to reach your goals for this Open safely:

  • Hand Protection
    • Protecting your hands continuously helps ensure that you won’t have delays due to blisters or calluses - hydration your hands continuously is important, especially before the WOD. Use moisturizer in advance, to avoid having greasy hands when you start the workout.
    • During the WOD you should use chalk and some kind of hand protection, to help maintain a good number of unbroken repetitions. From palm guards, to gloves or hand armour, the important thing is to figure out which gear best suits your needs and goals.
    • After the WOD, it's important to make sure you maintain your performance for the next few weeks. Moisturize your hands and if necessary, continuously clean any wounds so you’re able to recover for the next week.
  • Joint Support
    • During your preparation, protecting and warming up your joints will be one of the crucial points to avoid injury. Preparing your body for the effort it will make in the next few weeks and protecting it during the most demanding exercises is very important.
    • Before you start the workout make sure you do some mobility work, especially focusing on the areas that will be recruited throughout the WOD.
    • Afterwards, make sure you have all the protection that is necessary for the movements you are about to perform - Wrist Wraps or Knee Sleeves can be the support you need to lift heavier weights, for example.
    • When you’re done the workout, stretching and massaging your muscles will contribute positively to your medium-term recovery.
    • A overused or damaged rope can be a obstruction to your performance by delaying or distracting you during the movement.
    • Your training rope should be tailored and customized to you, to boost your performance and the ability to perform single or double unders quickly and effectively.
    • The choice of a rope is personal and will depend on your physical condition, goals or even personal taste. The best approach is to choose one that is ergonomic, that fits the palm of your hand and does not bring fatigue to the forearm, making it comfortable during the entire movement.

We wish you the best of luck for the 2019 Open!

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