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What is electrical muscle stimulation?

4 April 2019 No comments

Reading time: 5 min.

Electrical muscle stimulation has been used in the last decades by the world's best athletes but has always been an expensive treatment and difficult to access by most people. Before we explain all its benefits, it’s important to understand how electrical muscle stimulation works on your body: the devices send electrical impulses to your muscles, generating muscle contraction. These contractions may be Type 1 (slow-twitch) or Type 2 (fast-twitch) and occur on the muscle fibers in the area where you put the device. With different Hertz levels, it activates specific muscle fibers, forcing them to contract, increasing blood flow and nutrient distribution to recruit more muscle fibers - by combining an electrical muscle stimulator with your workout routine, your performance can increase, your recovery can become faster and risk of muscule injuries can decrease.

Benefits of the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (NMES):

- Recover Faster

- Helps Prevent Injury

- Reduces Muscle Soreness

- Increases Muscle Strength

- Increases Muscle Endurance

- Increases Blood Circulation

- Warms Up Muscles to Prevent Injury

- Improves Training Results

What is the PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulation ™?

The PowerDot is an electrical muscle stimulator - clinically proven, pain-free, and has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration - used by high-performance athletes across the world, fitness enthusiasts, etc. One of the biggest benefits of the PowerDot is being so convenient - it’s a small light-weight pod, easy to wear and carry, that can connect to an app on your smartphone, via Bluetooth®.

The app includes several programs (such as fast recovery, active recovery, warm up, massage, strength, among others) that you can use anywhere and helps you in every step of the process - from the placing of the pod on your body to the selection of the program and duration.

Thanks to this monitoring, the app allows you to use the PowerDot without any extra help.

Another benefit is that you can use this pod at any time of the day - while you’re resting and watching tv or while you’re working at your computer - allowing you to do other tasks that don’t require much physical activity while using the device.

The PowerDot can also be used in any part of your body - just open the app, choose the desired program, put the pod where you want and let the device do its work.

Here are some of the PowerDot benefits summed up:

  • You can take it anywhere;
  • Connect it to your smartphone and get a personalized experience;
  • Control your results;
  • Easy to wear by anyone.


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