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Trabalhamos em conjunto com o FC Porto fornecendo equipamento de treino físico para modalidades como o Andebol e Basquetebol.
Acreditamos que os seus atletas melhoram a sua performance desportiva com a ajuda do nosso equipamento.

“Esta parceria com a BOXPT é excelente e ajuda-me também a mim como preparador físico.” 

- André Ferreira, Preparador Físico FCP


Somos os parceiros de fornecimento de equipamento de treino ao SCP, com vista na melhoria de desempenho dos seus atletas.
É motivo de orgulho para a BOXPT Equipment contribuir no treino dos atletas do clube.

“Sem o ginário não poderíamos jogar ao nível elite em que jogamos.” 

- Luke Smith, Jogador Voleibol SCP


The Nuno Delgado Judo School has 30 centers distributed throughout Portugal. Some of these centers use BOXPT Equipment training equipment in the development of technical and motor skills, essential in the practice of the sport of Judo.

“BOXPT has been able to equip our specific physical training for judo with very high quality material.” 

- Nuno Delgado, Olympic Medalist in Judo



Bwizer contributes to the evolution of all those who want to be better through innovative products and training.
Our customers will have access to discounts and offers that Bwizer makes available on a regular basis.
Take advantage of a 15% discount on the Crosstraining Specialization, using the code MKTRYR75BOXPT.



INFOWOD is the leading digital magazine in Spain for Crosstraining, Weightlifting, Nutrition, Psychology and Sports Medicine. As partners of BOXPT Equipment, they build a solid base of growth in Spain by being present at our events, campaigns and actions in Europe.



Workout Mag was the first Crosstraining magazine to appear in Europe and is therefore the leading magazine in France. As partners of BOXPT Equipment, they build with us a solid foundation of growth in France and, consequently, in Europe, through valuable content for athletes.


With more than 300,000 followers, Salgueiro has the most followed Portuguese training YouTube channel and is also growing in Brazil. We believe that Salgueiro is an asset to our brand, both in the testing and analysis of new products and in the production of useful content for all athletes.



The APEFDP - Portuguese Association of Physical Education and Sports Professionals - and BOXPT Equipment are joining forces to promote and create innovation in sports in Portugal, through actions to promote physical activity and to find new solutions for this market. BOXPT Equipment customers can take advantage of special offers from the APEFDP.


Be-NN - Be Natural Nutrition - a brand of 100% natural supplements for athletes, is a BOXPT Equipment partner in the growth of both projects in Europe.
Be-NN holds a competition every year, relying on BOXPT as the official brand of equipment.


ERGON is the first brand in Portugal dedicated to 100% rowing training, both on the ergometer and on water. BOXPT aims to help all athletes to get better alongside the best.
As a customer, you will have access to discounts on all events that ERG.ON carries out.


ONRUSHERS is one of the most successful teams in Europe with French athletes. As a brand, they believe in the quality that BOXPT Equipment delivers with its products and is present at the events where BOXPT provides equipment.
Users of the ONRUSHERS app have a unique discount on online purchases.


Elite 64 is one of the best stores that has everything you need for your workouts.
You can find many BOXPT products at their physical or online store.

clinica do drago


BOXPT Equipment started a partnership with the Clinica do Dragão - Espregueira-Mendes Sports Center, FIFA Medical Center of Excellence, with more than 90 years of work and certified by the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) and International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS), being the first FMCE of the Iberian Peninsula.
The clinic, with more than 40 specialties, including Sports Medicine, has created the Porto Knee Testing Device (BES Innovation Prize) that measures knee injury instability very accurately.
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