BikeErg Concept2


The BikeErg has the same inertia wheel and Performance Monitor as the Concept2 SkiErg and Indoor Rower, bringing to cycling the strengths and features already brought to rowing and cross-country skiing.

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The inertia wheel uses the air resistance to create smooth and quiet pedaling that responds to your effort. The air intake regulation simulates bike gears, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your pedals. Unlike most stationary bikes the BikeErg has a free wheel which, like a real bike, stops the pedals when you stop pedaling, while the wheel continues to spin.

The sophisticated PM5 Performance Monitor provides instant information about your workout, with a wide variety of functions and workouts to choose from. The Performance Monitor is calibrated to ensure accurate data, allowing you to compare your times and distances with others, as well as track your own progress. The BikeErg was conceived by Concept2, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of innovative, reliable and high quality products. Whatever type of indoor cycling workout you’re looking for, whether to stay in shape or to improve your performance in your next race, the BikeErg Concept2 is the perfect machine for you.


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