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Valentine's Day Gifts 2019 | Presents all athletes will love

1 February 2019 No comments

Reading time: 8 min.

Valentine’s day is coming and with it we bring you the perfect gifts for your favorite athlete! Explore our list of 10 gift ideas for your special someone and make this romantic day feel extra special.

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1. Speed Rope Pro Weighted
Add resistance to your workout with the Weighted Speed Rope Pro. While maintaining Speed Rope Pro's proven speed and durability, this rope allows you to add weight to your rope's handles. This rope is versatile and adaptable, as it allows to perform the movement with or without weight.

11 de Dez de 2018 15:55:30

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2. Adjustable Dumbbell
Compact, versatile and space-saving the Adjustable Dumbbell is sold individually and allows athletes the opportunity to make custom weight increments using the fractional discs. The dumbbell has the same specifications as the competition bar: bearing and grip.

31 de Jan de 2019 16:25:42

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3. Powerdot

Compact, lightweight and controlled from your smartphone, PowerDot represents the next evolution of therapy with portable EMS. You can choose Uno or Duo version. PowerDot can benefit any athlete of any sport.

31 de Jan de 2019 16:56:46

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4. Elastic Band Red

Elastic Bands are one of the most useful items for training performance in any sport. They can be used for speed and agility, impulsion, plyometrics, flexibility exercises, stretching, general conditioning, prerehabilitation, rehabilitation, resistance, eccentric work, etc. For beginners or experienced professionals. All of them are very light and resistant to stretching.

31 de Jan de 2019 16:57:42

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5. Vibration Foam Roller
The foam roller makes it easy to receive a massage anytime and anywhere. A full charge will give you more than two hours of vibratory massage!

31 de Jan de 2019 16:58:37

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6. 3 in 1 Foam Roller Set
3 Myofascial Release rollers for the price of 1.

11 de Dez de 2018 15:55:48

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7. Suspension Trainer Pro

With the Suspension Trainer PRO you can work out every muscle in your body! It can be used at home by attaching it to a door or a hook, or outdoors on a tree or other structure.

31 de Jan de 2019 17:15:31

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8. Chin up bar
The wide variety of handles is a differentiating factor as it allows for several muscle groups to be recruited: arms, core and legs.

31 de Jan de 2019 17:16:41

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9. Palm Guard Red

The new Red Palm Guard features a new and improved buckle and fastening system, making the palm guard more comfortable and therefore its use more seamless. Inlcuding 3 finger holes, the Palm Guard HQ3 offers a larger protection area than our other Palm Guards. It is a high quality palm guard made of high strength material to be used in the most demanding gym exercises to make movements more comfortable, protect the palm and prevent movement failure due to lack of grip.

31 de Jan de 2019 17:18:36

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10. BOXPT Air Bike
The BOXPT Air Bike uses air resistance and has an LCD screen where you can control or set the programming for Heart Rate, Watts, RPM, time, distance and calories. Easy to carry, you can enjoy a hybrid and comfortable seat, steel pedals, a foot rest, a very smooth and quiet fan and rubber handles.

31 de Jan de 2019 17:19:43

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Happy romancing, everyone!


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